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Timeless objects for your interior

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With high quality design and materials, these objects
will accompany you for many years, you can make them

your own and pass them on.

All IRONI products have been designed and produced in Belgium.

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tiempo is a corner shelf and a coat rack. Durable over time, solid, aesthetic and modular, it represents all the values of the IRŌNI brand.


Seen from the front, this object takes on the appearance of an hourglass. Its silhouette embodies the timeless design of this collection.

Color, size and arrangement to your liking!

tiempo is a steel structure created from a single sheet in order to optimize the raw material and take full advantage of its characteristics.

This shelf adapts to your desires: 2 available finishes , 3 different sizes , 5 reference colors and many possible arrangements.

Its modularity in space and in its form will allow you to fully appropriate it and to be creative in your interior.

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  • Graphite black (RAL 9011)

  • Pure White (RAL 9016)

  • Green White (RAL 6019)

  • Dahlia yellow (RAL 1033)

  • Old Pink (RAL 3014)

  • Brushed stainless steel 


  • The size is determined by the distance between the two ends (top and bottom).

  • 60 cm, 80 cm or 100 cm

  • Only the largest serves as a coat rack.


  • There are two types of finish. (painted and raw)

  • S235 steel sandblasted, powdered or powder coated

  • 304 stainless steel brushed


  • Arrange one or more shelves in your interior as you want.

  • Take back possession of your interior in a sustainable way.

For more information or for a personalized purchase, contact us!

In progress...

The IRŌNI product line is growing every day. We are currently working on the creation and prototyping of two smaller objects that are produced from material offcuts from the Tiempo shelf. By reusing these offcuts to create new products, we are entering into this philosophy of circular economy which is dear to us. These two objects will complete the first IRŌNI collection, in connection with travel and time .

At the same time, we are developing a coffee table inspired by the region of Luik and its history. Through the universal design of this coffee table, we want it to become the allegory and we want it to praise the materials of the region, its talents and its history .

La Liégeoise is coming!

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